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Senior Strength Fitness is a team of advanced exercise professionals that specialise in falls prevention and evidence-based interventions, to keep individuals independent and mobile as they move into later years. With a wealth of knowledge and experience exercising individuals with complex health conditions and mobility issues. We offer classes that are suitable for each individual's needs, as well as an environment for people to socialise and support one another as they progress through their well-being journey together.

Our Vision

Our aim is to educate and reduce the risk of falls for the ageing population across Norfolk. We deliver evidence-based strength and balance exercise classes to those aged 50+. 


Falls are a major expense for the NHS, and in some parts of the country, suitable health pathways and interventions have been set up to reduce these figures. We have witnessed first-hand the devastation and impact falls can have on clients and their loved ones. For the most part, falls can be avoided with simply regaining one's mobility through specific exercises. We have previously worked for Cambridgeshire's falls prevention service delivering home strength and balance exercise programmes, which had proven very effective. 


If you have ever experienced a fall, concerned about falling or have simply noticed that your mobility has declined, then please; view our free information, consider our services and call us today to find out more.

Strength & Balance

Our classes replicate the structure of LaterLife Training's Falls Management Exercise Programme (FaME), using a mixture of seated and standing exercises. The purpose of the class is to reduce a participant's risk of falls and increase their physical activity levels by exercising several components;

Warm-up and mobility

Dynamic endurance



Backwards Chaining

Stretching & Flexibility 

Adapted Thai Chi

Personal Training

Our personal training is aimed at clients who are a little frailer or less mobile and not suitable for our exercise classes (at this moment). 

During your initial assessment, your trainer will complete with you a multi-factorial falls risk assessment and several mobility tests. Following this, the trainer will be able to determine an appropriate plan of action consisting of specific exercises to cater for any medical conditions or issues. The trainer may also set you some goals which will aid in reducing your risks of falls (for example, seeing your pharmacist for a medication review).


Then once you have reached a suitable level of mobility, the trainer will advise you to join one of our exercise classes.

Falls Talks

Falls prevention talks are free to large groups that are interested in starting an exercise class and can provide a venue for the talk.

Falls prevention talks are designed to educate and raise awareness of falls in the UK. Talks last 45 minutes to an hour and cover components such as;

Risk factors of falls

Recovery from a hip fracture 



Physical activity

Six steps to prevent falls

Evidence-based exercise

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“I was recommended Senior Strength Fitness for strength and balance exercises with Elliott. Which has helped me greatly, doing one to one exercises with someone you trust is a great benefit.״ 


Kings Lynn

Help Keep Me Independent

“The progress I have made over the months has amazed me I will continue to work with Ryan from Senior Strength Fitness to help keep me independent. I am now recommending this service to all my friends and family.״ 



Reliable and Punctual

Callum was very dedicated enthusiastic and efficient. He was reliable and punctual.

He gave me confidence that I would be able to walk and started me off on the path to achieve that. I am most grateful for his support throughout my recovery."



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