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Movement is Medicine

Our aim is to educate and reduce the risk of falls for the ageing population across Norfolk. We deliver evidence-based strength and balance exercise classes to those aged 50+. 


Falls are a major expense for the NHS, and in some parts of the country, suitable health pathways and interventions have been set up to reduce these figures. We have witnessed first-hand the devastation and impact falls can have on clients and their loved ones. For the most part, falls can be avoided with simply regaining one's mobility through specific exercises. We have previously worked for Cambridgeshire's Falls Prevention Service delivering home strength and balance exercise programmes, which had proven very effective. 


If you have ever experienced a fall, concerned about falling or have simply noticed that your mobility has declined, then please; view our free information, consider our services and call us today to find out more.

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Help Keep Me Independent

"After suffering a fall and a broken femur I was relying on a frame and had felt isolated from the community. I had previously been a very active lady in my youth but unfortunately as the years went by my activity had slipped away. I had noticed my balance becoming worse and a sharp decline in power and strength getting up from chairs. I approached Senior Strength Fitness after a serious fall had happened in the middle of the year, which I fractured my left hip resulting in a major operation.

 I had been given exercises from the hospital following my fracture and was told it would take 6 months to heal. I found it very difficult to motivate myself with the exercise and wasn’t always sure I was doing the right things.

I arranged with Ryan from the team to come and visit me to see if there was any chance, I would ever get back to my old self. Following the first visit we went over a range of questions. Following this, I was set some goals to complete before our next visit. Ryan had encouraged a medication review to check over my existing medication, and to get my eyes checked as it had been some years. He also helped me arrange getting a community Lifeline as I was living alone and arranged some new handrails around my house to be fitted which have been a great help in keeping me independent.

After completing the strength and balance exercises with Ryan on a weekly basis plus the homework he left me each week, I am now 4 months down the line and already feeling completely overwhelmed off how much improvement there has been. I was previously hunched over my frame and walking very slowly following the fracture, we have now just moved from a frame to crutches and I am now beginning to use a walking stick with confidence when outside.

I have been working very hard with the equipment Ryan brings to our sessions, I have used ankle weights x 3 a week as well as the resistance bands. My daughters had recently taken my dog away due the risk of upsetting my balance and occurring another fall. The exercises we have done have shown a marked improvement in my steadiness and the confidence I have gained from doing them means my dog is finally back staying with me – a reward for my hard work!

 The progress I have made over the months has amazed me I will continue to work with Ryan from Senior Strength Fitness to help keep me independent. I am now recommending this service to all my friends and family."



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