Services & Pricing

We provide a range of specialist services

all suitable for older adults regardless of mobility levels or varying medical conditions.

Please see below for more details.

Services We Offer

Strength & Balance

Our classes replicate the structure of LaterLife Training's Falls Management Exercise Programme (FaME), using a mixture of seated and standing exercises. The purpose of the class is to reduce the participant's risk of falls and increase their physical activity levels by exercising several components;

Warm-up and mobility

Dynamic endurance



Backwards Chaining

Stretching & Flexibility 

Adapted Thai Chi

Personal Training

Our personal training is aimed for clients who are a little frailer or less mobile and not suitable for our exercise classes (at this moment). 

During your initial assessment, your trainer will complete with you a multi-factorial falls risk assessment and several mobility tests. Following this the trainer will be able to determine an appropriate plan of action consisting of specific exercises to cater for any medical conditions or issues. The trainer may also set you some goals which will aid in reducing your risks of falls (for example, seeing your pharmacist for a medication review).


Then once you have reached a suitable level of mobility, the trainer will advise you to join one of our exercise classes.

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Falls Talk

Falls prevention talks are free to large groups that are interested in starting an exercise class and can provide a venue for the talk.

Falls prevention talks are designed to educate and raise awareness of falls in the UK. Talks last 45 minutes to an hour and cover components such as;


Risk factors of falls

Recovery from a hip fracture 



Physical activity

Six steps to prevent falls

Evidence-based exercise 

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Our Prices

Choose a plan that's right for you,

and works around your budget!


Strength & Balance

1 Hour Session

All of our classes are pay as you go with no booking requirements. Please go to our class finder to discover your nearest class. Alternatively, send us an email for more information.


per person

Personal Training 

1 Hour Session

All of our personal trainers are highly knowledgeable and have a great track record helping our clients achieve their goals. Please view our "meet the team" page to find out more about our personal trainers.

£30 - £40

Falls Talk

45 Minute Talk

Our falls talks are essential to understanding how we can all prevent falls in later life. Whether you are a company, a community activity or just a small group of friends, if you're interested in arranging a falls talk then please get in touch today!